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Since 1974, Ken Land, MSW, has made it his personal mission to master the challenges inherent in helping people to achieve their
own personal, psychological and spiritual development.

A major aspect of this mission is his achieving this development for himself. Through self- teaching, studying with effective therapists and exposure to a variety of therapeutic models, Ken has developed the art form of Storytelling Therapy(TM).

Storytelling Therapy Author
Ken Land, MSW
Founding Owner of:
The Counseling Center of
Ann Arbor

Ken trains therapists to allow their own unconscious minds to respond to the client's presentation by inhibiting their inner critic. Trainees become aware of their own responses and they use these responses to create a therapeutic milieu. While Ken does not adhere to any specific theoretical model, The Art and Science of Storytelling TherapyTM can be integrated into every school of therapy.
Following his passion to minimize organizationally-based political and social forces that befuddle high quality work, Ken founded The Counseling Center of Ann Arbor in 1983. He actively directs this comprehensive outpatient mental health and substance abuse clinic located in Ann Arbor's historic central business district. Nine therapists and two interns form the staff.

People are individuals. As clients in psychotherapy, they should have treatment plans individually tailored on a case by case basis rather than being extruded through a theoretical model. Whatever story they hear, they always have to translate it into their own language.
The quality of contact between the therapist and the client along with the quality of the therapeutic environment created by the therapist bears directly upon the quality of the therapeutic outcome for the client.
People come to therapy to speak the unspeakable; that is, the things they fear or are embarrassed about. The truth should be told simply in a straight-forward, empathic fashion because that's the only way a patient is going to absorb therapy and benefit.

Ken Land, MSW, ACSW, BCD, Clinical Director
The Counseling Center of Ann Arbor
342 South Ashley Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Two beautiful children.

M.S.W., Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, 1982. 4.0/4.0 GPA.

B.S., Architecture and Design, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, 1971.

Received hundreds of hours of workshop and institute training and supervision.

Practiced individual, group, couple, marital and family psychotherapy; seven years inpatient environment, including four and one half years at The University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI; twenty-two years outpatient environment.

Purchased and restored a 1920's Victorian house into offices for The Counseling Center of Ann Arbor. Successful entrepreneur in income property, stock market and private placement.

Delivered The Art and Science of Storytelling TherapyTM over fifty times locally, regionally and nationally.

Delivered numerous lectures, workshops and seminars on assertiveness training, stress management and a variety of mental health practice issues including resistance in therapy and the use of hypnosis in therapy.

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