The purpose of this web site is to inform and educate you the reader about a powerful, fun and exciting method of psychotherapy: Storytelling Therapy(TM). The purpose is also to solicit invitations from our readers for the author to present a guest lecture and training seminar in this method at your location. For details about how to contact the author, click "Contact Us" in the bottom panel.

While efficacy of different therapy methods tends to converge with the maturity of the therapist, Storytelling TherapyTM is distinguished from other methods in several ways. First, it relies heavily on intuition and the training of intuition. The therapist relies mostly on his or her unconscious mind. Training the unconscious mind is the core of the on site training programs. Second, it has a spiritual nature: a sense of connectedness quickly develops between the therapist and client that goes beyond the work itself.  Honesty, speaking from the heart, opening one's ears, eyes and heart are core to this method.  Storytelling Therapy TM introduces fun and entertainment into the therapeutic milieu.  There is elegance about the patient "getting it" quickly and easily without a lot of so called resistance to the therapeutic approach. There is interaction between the therapist and patient, which patients seem to crave.  Gone is the passively distant "shrink" who silently contemplates, save a projective interpretation here and there. Finally, Storytelling TherapyTM is adaptive to a plethora of teaching and coaching environments outside the therapist’s office such as corporate contracts and seminar presentations.

So enjoy yourself, do contact me, and I will come to your town and speak to
your group.

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